Megan and Pete from OFF THE STREET HIP HOP bring their individual style and expert skills to our Academy

Megan Ibrahim

Achievements and qualifications

Director of Off The Street Hip Hop
Dancer, Choreographer
Trains and manages performing artists.

Megan has spent her entire life immersed in multi-cultural activity and involved in the world of performing arts. She has studied dance for twenty years and during this time has been very lucky to work in some of the most life changing jobs travelling throughout Australia. Megan has been invited to experience the life and culture of thirty six Indigenous Communities and through this has had the privilege of positively
influencing and changing the lives of some very passionate and amazing young people. Currently Off the Street Hip Hop is working with over 1000 children from ages 4 to 18 in various locations throughout Melbourne. Megan is also currently teaching adults "Born to Boogie" classes

"I like to think of myself as someone who looks at everything as a possibility, and I pride myself on my desire and ability to encourage everyone that they have the capacity to reach for their dreams and goals."

Pete Sette

Achievements and qualification

Director of Off the Street Hip Hop
One of Australia's top bboys
Featured in Australia's top 70 for 'So You Think You Can Dance' in 2014.
Member of Wicked Force crew ( 3 times Australian champions.)

Represented Australia at the Asia Pacific Red Bull BC - One in 2013
2014 back up dancer for Australian iconic artist Kylie Minogue
Studied dance at The Edge Performers school in all styles of dance - Ballet, jazz, Tap, Singing, Musical theatre, Contemporary and many different styles of Hip Hop.
Previous member of crew Notorious Delinkwents
Employed part time with Indigenous Hip Hop Projects and has been a strong role model for many young Indigenous youth around Australia.

Career highlights
Pete has starred in theatre productions such as, Phunktional Theatre productions, Queens of the outback, Queens of Drag City, DQ4 and landing a supporting role of Graphitti Pete in the Australian Premiere of In "The Heights" Musical which will be back at the national theatre in 2016. Competing in many national and international breakdance tournaments in Phillipines, New Zealand, USA, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and allover Australia to compete against other elite bboys (breakdancers).

"I hope to continue my breaking career and inspire my Off the Street students teaching HIP HOP as long as my body allows "