Charlotte Robins

Achievements and qualifications

Cecchetti Grade 2 to Advanced 1 Ballet exams completed to date.
S.D.A - Senior Gold Tap exam with Miss Lisa Wilson.
T.A.A.D- Bronze and Silver and Gold tap exams with Lynda Mathis and Christine Waters.
2015 Junior Guild Commendation Nomination
2018 Completed Diploma of Dance ( Elite Performance ) in Performing Arts
2019 Post Graduate 3rd Year at Transit Dance
First Aid Qualified

Charlotte's desire to teach came at the young age of 15 yrs and she has been encouraged and mentored by all her senior teachers. In 2015 she successfully entered Pre Primary and Primary level students through their Cecchetti exams.
In 2016 Charlotte studied Advanced 2 Ballet at Joanne O'Kelly School of Dance under Miss Sandra Allen and VCE / VET Dance unit 3 and 4 under Miss Lisa Woolley. She hopes to complete her Advanced 2 exam soon to gain extra exam training ahead of her Associate teaching level exam in the future.
Charlotte is also a talented actress and singer and has a passion for Theatre performance. She is a regular member of The Beaumaris Theatre Group.
In 2015 she gained a 'Junior Guild Commendation Nomination' for her role as Ursula in The Little Mermaid. In 2017 she performed the role of Diana Morales in the production of A Chorus Line.
In 2017 Charlotte was accepted into the 2 year Pre-professional course in Performing Arts at Transit Dance and regularly performs in cabaret shows and performances.